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Most businesses with IRS trouble did not intend to cause any problems. If you find yourself stuck in a battle with the IRS, let Amin Memon, CPA, do the work for you. Our firm is experienced in handling various tax problems with the IRS, and it is our goal to work on your behalf to find a suitable tax resolution.
Negotiating with the IRS alone is not ideal. You are more likely to settle for a more reasonable cost if you allow a specialist like Amin Memon to negotiate with them. Once we know the whole story of your tax situation, we will talk about the various options you have and work with you to solve your tax problems.

Discuss Tax Relief Options with Amin Memon, CPA

There are many taxes relief options that business owners are not aware of. When you work with Amin Memon, he will discuss all your options, which could include:

  • IRS Offer in Compromise
  • Tax settlements & payment plans
  • IRS installment agreements
  • Back taxes help & delinquent returns
  • Abatement of penalties
  • IRS audit defense & representation
  • Amending of prior returns
  • And much more

Every business situation is unique. Amin Memon will take the time to evaluate your case and make the best recommendations for your business.

Solve Tax Problems and Reduce Stress

You have enough stress as a business owner. When you work with a tax resolution specialist like Amin Memon in Garden Grove, CA, you will not have to add more stress to your life by dealing with tax problems. Most business owners feel more confident about their situation after talking with Amin Memon and sorting through the various options. It all starts with a free 30-minute consultation to solve your tax problems and reduce the stress in your life, so book yours today.