As a full-service CPA firm, Amin Memon offers everything businesses and individuals need to feel more secure about their financial situation. We understand you have plenty of options when searching for a “CPA near me,” but Amin Memon has consistently been one of the best options in Garden Grove, CA, and the surrounding areas. In addition to tax services and planning, accounting, and bookkeeping, payroll services, business entity selection and incorporation, and tax resolution, we also provide the following services.


Businesses often require one of three levels of “assurance” for various purposes: an audit, review, or compilation. Compilations, on the other hand, provide neither assurance nor an opinion by the CPA on the accuracy financial statements. Typically, a compilation is performed simply to gather company financial data and format it into a properly structured set of financial statements.

Amin Memon CPA, offer many accountings compilation services to our clients — either monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the needs of the business. Regardless of the frequency, clients know that we use our knowledge of your business to produce compilations that offer value and information that you can use.

This cost-effective service is suitable for businesses applying for loans and financing.

Sales Tax

For many businesses, you are required to collect and submit sales tax. These rates constant change and vary from region-to-region. It is vital to have accurate tracking of these tax rates to avoid timely and costly tax mistakes. Our team of experienced professionals can assist your company in the compilation of information and preparation of sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.
 Amin Memon, CPA will assist with all aspects of your sales tax so that you can remain compliant.

Business Consulting

In the life of every small business there is a point when you are ready to head to the next level but are not sure how to get there. At Amin Memon, CPA, we can show you how to put your business on the path to growth, expansion, and higher profits. As a business consultant we have the financial expertise your business needs to succeed. Our goal is to increase your bottom line by eliminating unnecessary costs, carefully tracking assets and expenses, and developing a strategy to decrease tax liability. We will find ways to simplify accounting procedures so you can stay organized and tighten up internal controls. We will also deliver detailed financial reports so you can keep a close eye on where your money is going. Most importantly, when you work with us, we will become your trusted business advisor. We will make ourselves available to answer questions or discuss any major business decisions that could impact your finances.

Living Trust

The most comprehensive and complete way to protect your assets and loved ones. Avoid probate court and allow your assets to pass seamlessly to your beneficiaries with a Trust-Based Estate Plan. Includes customized and state-specific estate planning documents to elect guardians for your dependents, list your assets, and outline what should happen in a medical emergency, so you can rest easy with all your affairs in order.
Amin Memon, CPA and the team in Garden Grove, CA, help you to setup a Living Trust.

Business and life always take twists and turns when you least expect it. Amin Memon, CPA, is here to help keep your finances on track, even in times of uncertainty. If you are searching for a professional CPA for complication, sales tax, business consulting or living trust in Garden Grove, CA, you can count on Amin Memon, CPA.

Start with a free, no-obligation 30 minutes consultation to see the various ways he can help you and your business.